Med Math Simplified Saved My Butt

I strove to go well beyond being “entry level competent” in almost every area of my practice except for one: med math.  As an EMT I marveled as my paramedics calculated medication dosages, and it nearly scared me away from paramedic school. I did it well enough to get by, but even after 12 years […]

June Happenings, Sepsis, and CapnoAcademy

June has been a busy month. I am teaching an EMT class for the first time, which is the first time I have taught at that level and the first time I have had students on their first day of the program. I am having fun working with a group of highly motivated students, and […]

What is EMS Strong?

EMS Strong, the theme for EMS Week 2015, comes during a year with an alarming number of suicides among EMS providers. As tragic as this is, I am encouraged that attention mental illness among EMS provider has received. This topic needs to come out of the shadows and be okay talk about. Being strong means […]

NAEMT Safety Course

Yesterday I taught my first NAEMT Safety Course. The 8-hour, one day course covers crew resource management, vehicle safety, roadway operations, lifting and moving, violence at scenes, and general wellness. There are a lot of case studies, group discussions, and exercises. I was very lucky to have been monitored by Glen Luedtke, who is the […]

EMS 1 and Other March Happenings

March has been a busy month. I am two-thirds of the way through teaching the Special Populations section of my paramedic program for the first time. We have covered neonates, peds, and are wrapping up geriatrics. Next is special operations, triage, incident command, and disaster response, which is quite a variety of topics. It is […]

Book Review: A Matter of Inches

I stayed up late several nights over Christmas break reading Clint Malarchuk’s memoir, A Matter of Inches. Malarchuk is the former Buffalo Sabres goalie best known for having his jugular vein severed by a skate in 1989, and returned to play 10 days later. The book also covers his struggles with mental illness, alcohol abuse, […]

5 Resources For People Getting Back into EMS

One of my first mentors in EMS sent me a message the other night.  We were members of the same volunteer and paid services, he as a paramedic and I as an EMT, and were partners several times.  He left the field several years ago, but recently rejoined the service we were members of.  I […]

2014 Year in Review


2014 was quite a busy year for me. Looking back I did not realize how many personal, family, and professional events took place since last January.  Here are some of the highlights, with the corresponding blog posts. First, I completed my first full year teaching with a paramedic program.  I learned a few things about […]

My Dilemma About Part Time Paramedic-ing

It’s been just over since I went on my last call as a paramedic and began teaching full time.  I love teaching, and the deeper I get into it the more I am sure the move was the right decision.  I also do not miss the lifestyle of rotating shifts and missing family events.  My […]

Earning A Spot in the Pit

Once or twice a week I precept paramedic students in an emergency department for their clinical rotations.  We assess patients and discuss what the treatment in the field may be, listen to lungs, start IV’s, administer medications, and practice other skills under supervision.  It is my favorite part of the work week, and I love […]